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The System Window

The System Window will be displayed when a data file has been opened, either by defining a new system or opening a saved data file manually.

The System Window can display a number of different property sheets. Each of these allow you to determine how the next calculation will be performed. You can move from one property sheet to another by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the window. Only property sheets that are relevant to the current system will be displayed.

Multiphase calculations are always possible. If the system has two or three components you can select respectively either the Binary or Ternary tab in addition to multiphase and switch between calculation type, whilst retaining the same status for phases and species.

By clicking the appropriate tabs you can include or omit Components (Multiphase only), Phases and Species
and assign miscibility gaps to phases.

The options, actually only Multiphase Options, relate to detailed aspects of the calculations and the type of output generated.

Click the compute button to initiate the calculations.

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Updated 7 May 2010