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Getting Started

The main purpose of MTDATA is the calculation of phase equilibria, usually in diagrammatic form. For this purpose the user needs to:

  • Begin in the File Menu.
  • Optionally change the working folder.
  • Either select New in order to open the Define New System Window and retrieve the data for a system from one or more databases. Systems are usually defined in terms of elemental components but also possibly in terms of compounds eg CaCl2,KCl,ZnCl2. See also data sources. The retrieved data will be saved in a file that you can name and the system window will be opened.
  • Or select Open to recover data from a previously saved file for the system of interest. The system window will be opened.
  • If desired adjust the phases and species involved in the system and flag possible miscibility gaps.
  • Decide the type of calculation eg Binary, Ternary or Multiphase, by selecting the relevant tab of the dialog box.
  • Set the temperature, pressure, composition and any other options (Multiphase only) for the calculations.
  • Initiate the calculations by clicking the Compute button.
  • Plot the results of current or previous calculations in a form pertinent to the application and optionally print a copy of the plot. Results can also be prepared for input into a spreadsheet. Plots can be saved as MTDATA metafiles and edited prior to replotting.
  • In addition MTDATA includes facilities for data management including creating, loading and listing of databases beginning in the tools menu.
If you wish to use the command line version of MTDATA in order to obtain greater flexibility and use of more types of calculation, refer to: Command line version.

See also Glossary.

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Updated 7 May 2010