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File Menu

Options in this menu allow thermodynamic data to be obtained either by searching databases or by opening existing files. Graphics files may also be opened for replotting and prints obtained.

The usual navigation tools are available. Buttons are provided for going to a folder at a higher level, opening a new folder, or listing files and folders. Once the correct folder has been reached there are four options.


This opens the Define New System Window which allows a new system to be searched for in one or more databases.


Depending on the selection from the list of file type options, this allows:
  • an existing data file (*.mpi) to be recovered for new calculations to be undertaken,
  • existing multiphase results files (*.gph) to be read into MTDATA for further plots or tabulations to be prepared. Many different perspectives can be obtained on the same set of results,
  • metafiles (*.mta, *.mtf) to be reviewed and optionally printed, for example after editing.

Before you remove a graphical output window but after pressing control+left mouse button the File|Print menu option allows the diagram to be printed.

Note that MTDATA diagrams are designed for printing on A4/LTR paper in landscape
format. Therefore before printing the first diagram in any session click on the file|print|properties box and select landscape. Using portrait will cause some diagrams (ternary plots) to occupy only the upper part of the page. This is so that the correct aspect ratio is maintained. The size of text may also be inappropriate.

MTDATA metafiles are text files and can be edited with a text editor before replotting.

Save and Save As

Before you remove a graphical output window but after pressing control+left mouse button “Save As” allows the current diagram to be saved into an MTDATA metafile, which can be edited for further use. After multiphase, binary or ternary calculations the resultant graphics files, with the extensions .gph, .nbr and .tnr, are saved automatically.

Change working folder

If you want temporarily to change the folder used for all your work files, including data (*.mpi) files and results files, use this option. It is particularly useful for separating work on different topics. You can use the date (eg mt991021) as part of a folder name to make your files easy to find. Each folder for work files can have its own mtconfig.txt file which will determine the databases available. If no mtconfig.txt file is present in a work folder, the one in the central MTDATA folder will be used.

If you want to change the default (start) folder for your work files this can be done by selecting Options|files in the tools menu.

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Updated 7 May 2010