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Command Line Version

For a brief description of the structure of the command line version see Command line modules.


The databases used by and the results produced by the windows version of MTDATA are compatible with the command line version. Thus a datafile, *.mpi, created in the command line version can be used in the Windows version and vice versa. Graphics files *.gph, *.tnr and *.nbr can be created by either version but currently only the *.gph files can be reused in the Windows version. The compatibility will be particularly useful during the period when not all features have been incorporated into the Windows version.

Access to the command line version can be obtained from within the Windows version via the Tools menu with the Character Interface item.

Log files and macros

As an aid to transfer from the Windows to the command line version, operations in the Windows version generate a log file that can be used as a macro in the command-line version. For example if you used the Windows version to select a particular set of phases and species in a system then you could use the relevant part of the log file to generate a macro that could be used within the command line version. The resultant saved *.mpi file could be used either in the command line version or the windows version.

The command line version is particularly suited to use in batch mode. To make use of this:
  • do some preliminary calculations in the Windows version,
  • decide on the need for more extensive calculations, for example at intermediate compositions or temperatures,
  • copy the *.log file to a *.mac (macro) file,
  • edit the macro to include at its head the line [MODE=BATCH
  • edit in the additional calculations,
  • for each ternary calculation include starting compositions,
  • for each binary calculation include starting compositions and temperature,
  • use the resultant macro in the command line version by entering ‘<macro name>, eg ‘mt45.mac' at the prompt corresponding to the start of the macro.
Differences and limitations

The main differences between the two versions result from the fact that the Windows version has a graphics interface and printing is controlled by Windows. Thus the help files, menus and configuration files are different and are not interchangeable.

A current limitation of the command line version when it is accessed via Windows is that it cannot be used to generate interactive graphics. One effect of this is that any calculations that depend on interactive graphics, such as ternary, can be used only if the start point (see above) is included in the calculation options. Auto-labelling cannot be accomplished. Some examples of using the command line version within Windows for other applications are provided to facilitate use.

Some, but not all users, will have the option of initiating the command line version of MTDATA from, for example, the DOS prompt.

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Updated 7 May 2010