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What is COST

COST stands for European COoperation in the field of Scientific and Technical research designed to strengthen Europe in scientific and technical research for peaceful purposes through the support of cooperation and interaction between European researchers. There are 34 states which are members of COST and 1 country which is a cooperating member.

The COST Actions receive financial support from the European Commission through the Framework Programme. This supports workshops, working group meetings, short term scientific meetings and the expenses of the management committee.

COST works through a series of Actions which take the form of a coordinated network of research projects funded at a national level.

NPL has, over the years, been involved in a number of COST projects with an interest in thermodynamic properties. These include:

  • COST507: Thermodynamic data for light alloys systems
  • COST529: Efficient Lighting for the 21st Century
  • COST531: Lead-free Solder Materials
  • MP0602: Advanced Solder Materials for High Temperature Application

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Updated 28 April 2010