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This command allows the user to list the contents of specified database either to the screen or to a selected output file. Either a full listing of data or just a summary of unary and interaction names may be requested. The database chosen must be on the list of those active during the current MTDATA session (see STATISTICS command). If it is password protected then the correct password must be given before a listing can be obtained.







database = (the last database referred to in a UTILITY command)

password = <""> 

output_file = NONE (output to screen only)

format = data_output


list_database database=bigdata format=names_only !

lis_dat !

li_d form=data_output output_file=none !

lis_dat dat=project6 password="mjdfg23" out="data.txt" !

Parameter values:

DATABASE takes the value <"database name">

The DATABASE parameter is used to specify the name of the database to be listed. Note that the name of the chosen database should NOT be entered in quotes and must appear on the current active list (see STATISTICS command). If the LIST_DATA command is used without specifying a DATABASE name, data will be listed from the last database referred to in a successfully executed UTILITY command.

PASSWORD takes the value <"database password">

The correct database password must be given, in quotes, following the PASSWORD parameter in order to list the data contained in a password protected database. There is of course no need to use the PASSWORD parameter for databases which have no password protection.

OUTPUT_FILE  takes the value <"output file name">/NONE

Using the OUTPUT_FILE parameter the contents of a chosen database can be listed to a named text file instead of to the screen. Note that the output file name should be given in quotes. The default option of a listing to the screen can be recovered by specifying the value NONE. This cancels any previous choice of output file.

<"output file name"> is used to send a database contents listing to a named text file.

NONE is used to send a database contents listing to the screen.


The FORMAT parameter is used to choose the type of listing to be produced on execution of the LIST_DATA command. The options are a full listing of all the data contained within the chosen database, obtained by selecting DATA_OUTPUT, or a condensed listing of just the unary and interaction names (no data), obtained by selecting NAMES_ONLY. A full data listing is generated by default. Note that no database password need be given if FORMAT=NAMES_ONLY is selected.

DATA_OUTPUT is used to request a full listing of all the data contained within the chosen database. The format for this listing is that of an MTDATA database loading file (see Appendix 1).

NAMES_ONLY is used to request a listing of unary and interaction names only (no data).



Updated 23 June 2010