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This new platform for MTDATA is based upon a graphical user interface written in Visual Basic under the .NET framework runtime environment (version 2 or higher is required). Fundamental to this is a clear graphical user interface and high quality graphical output based on the established MTDATA metafile format. Features of this graphical output include a magnifier window, numerical tracking of the graphical cursor in terms of the current graphical coordinate system and easy copying of diagrams into bitmap, or png formats for incorporating into other documents.

A number of established computation techniques inside the traditional versions of MTDATA have been incorporated through the application programming interface to provide:

  • Searching and retrieval of data from MTDATA databases
  • Calculation of isopleths using a boundary mapping technique
  • Calculation of the properties of a single defined composition over a range of temperatures

The following screen shots show typical examples of the look and feel of this new version of MTDATA.


Updated 19 May 2010