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MTDATA Installation and Demo Instructions

Installing MTDATA for Windows 

The file winmt.exe should be downloaded to a temporary folder (eg mt_temp) and then run to start the installation, then follow the prompts given. If you already have an MS-DOS version of MTDATA make sure that you specify a directory different from your current MTDATA directory. The default directory given by the installation program (C:\MTDATA\WinMT) should be suitable. 

Unless you have a license MTDATA will run as a Demonstration Version with limited capability. If you wish to use any of the full databases you should obtain a full licence. Please contact Hugh Davies ( for more information. 

Please note that for the Demonstration Version to work successfully on Windows 2000, Windows XP and above, MTDATA for Windows must be installed and run for the first time by a user with Administrator privileges (ie the Administrator, or a user in the Administrators group). 

Using the Deomnstration version of MTDATA for Windows 

This demonstration version of MTDATA for Windows is restricted in the following ways:

  • It is licensed for demonstration purposes only. You will be presented with full licensing conditions during the installation process. 
  • A restriction has been placed on the number of components, phases and species that can be used in calculations. The demonstration limits are up to 3 components with 22 phases containing up to 27 species in total. An unrestricted MTDATA available with a full licence has 30, 500 and 1000 for these limits. 

Example calculations to try

The data for all these examples should be taken from the MTDATA Demonstration Database - MTDEMO. This database is installed with MTDATA for Windows and does not need to be downloaded separately. It should be noted that the data in the MTDEMO database are for demonstration purposes only and do not necessarily correspond to complete systems as will be found in our other databases.

  • Ternary phase diagrams
    • for the "Fe,Cr,Ni", "Al,Si,Zn", "In,Sb,Ga", "CaO,SiO2,Al2O3", "KCl,CaCl2,ZnCl2" systems and for the reciprocal "NaCl,KCl,NaBr" system.

  • Binary phase diagrams
    • for any of the binary systems within the above ternary systems, for example the "Al,Si", "Cr,Fe", "CaO,SiO2" and "KCl,ZnCl2" systems.

  • Fixed composition, variable temperature (MULTIPHASE) calculations
    • for the above binary or ternary systems, or for ideal gas and stoichiometric condensed phase calculations selecting any three components from the Al,C,H,O,Cl,Si system (the demonstration version of MTDATA for Windows has been limited to three components).

  • Aqueous system calculations at fixed or variable temperature
    • for the "H2O,H2SO4" system. Data are valid only for low concentrations of H2SO4

If you feel that the coverage of the MTDATA demonstration database is not sufficient for you to evaluate MTDATA properly then please contact Hugh Davies ( with the details and it may be possible to provide you with data more appropriate to your intended application.

Updated 2 March 2010