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The NPL reference number can be found on your original quotation and in the footer of your certificate.
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5. Approximately how many times a year do you/your department purchase a service from NPL?


6. Why did you choose NPL? (tick one or more)

Expertise/Technical excellence spacer spacer Customer Service
Value for money Previous experience with NPL
Impartiality/Independence Personal Contact
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About Our Service


7. On a scale of 1 - 5, please indicate your views on the overall service provided.

5=Excellent, 4=Good, 3=Average, 2=Fair, 1=Poor

Please note: questions receiving a response of 1 (poor) will be treated as a complaint and dealt with under NPL's complaints procedure

  Excellent     Poor
  5 4 3 2 1
a. Quality of service
b. Value for money
c. Range of services offered
    Very Likely Likely Maybe Unlikely Very Unlikely
d. Would you recommned NPL to others?

8. Similarly please indicate your views on specific aspects of the service.


Note: Some questions may not be in your remit, e.g. accounts questions. In these cases, please click N/A.

  Excellent     Poor   not applicable
  5 4 3 2 1  
a. Speed of response to your initial enquiry  
b. Ease of getting through to the right person  
c. Understanding your needs  
d. Attitude of NPL staff  
e. Timeliness of quotation/proposal  
f. Quality of documentation/presentations etc  
g. Keeping you informed of progress  
h. Ability to meet your technical need  
i. Completion of the service on time & to contract  
j. Access to technical experts  
k. Opening hours/access  
l. Timeliness of invoicing  
m. Ease of payment  

9. From the list above please identify the three elements that you consider most important:

(select a - m, as appropriate) spacer spacer spacer

10. To be answered by customers who sent in equipment for testing/calibration services only.

(all other customers please move to Question 11)

a. If the certificate/report was not received with the returned equipment, when was it sent?
Before the equipment Within a week Within 1-2 weeks 2 weeks +
b. Please indicate how satisfied you were with the turnaround time of your job from:
  Excellent     Poor
  5 4 3 2 1
(i) Order placed to job start
(ii) Job start to completion

11. Complaints

If anything has gone wrong in the past, and we sincerely hope that it hasn't, how satisfied were you with:

  Excellent     Poor
  5 4 3 2 1
A. Ease of contacting NPL to complain
B. The attention given to your complaint
C. Speed with which NPL dealt with it
D. The final resolution/outcome

12. Would you like someone to get in touch with you about this service?


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